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Quality Management

We are committed for Sustained Growth & Satisfaction of Customers through achieving Innovative Business, Technological, Management Practice & Improving their effectiveness continually.

Kwality Sales Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Automobile Components Manufacturing Company. Quality has been an area of core significance to our entire automobile components manufacturing products operations. Our each manufacturing operations from sourcing of raw materials to the production, packaging and shipping, we ensure the highest standards of quality at all stages. Our quality management system ensures that our clients are provided with products that meet their expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Kwality Sales Corporation products have also been finding their way directly to overseas customers.These are many cases products developed specially for the customers but also include fairly standard products.


Fully aware of today's environmental and societal challenges, we are fully committed to a sustainable, fair and ethical approach. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact over the long term.


Excellence is an inseparable requirement of our businesses. We are committed to efficiency and quality without compromise, respecting the highest standards, with constant rigor for the systematic satisfaction of our customers' expectations.


We respect the uniqueness and diversity of each of our employees and believe in the complementarity of the talents that make up our teams. A success that is based on a shared vision of work within the company and with our partners.